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To all the girls that think you’re ugly because you’re not a size 0, you’re the beautiful one. It’s society that’s ugly.
Lady Gaga

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I’ve been wanting to use both of these for MEMEs, but I’m just not clever enough to come up with anything :(

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I’ve had all these sitting on my desktop, waiting to be posted, so I hereby instate a Lady Gaga day.

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Follow me—don’t be such a holy fool—follow me, I need something sacred from you. Together we’ll both find a way to make a pure love work in a dirty way.

If you want me, meet me at electric chapel. If you want me, meet me at electric chapel.

If you want to steal my heart away, meet me, meet me baby in a safe place. Come on meet me in electric chapel.

Lady Gaga

Illustrating my thought process, p.1:

Thinking about Harajuku girls so I start sifting through images of them and find the top image. I save it because it’s cool (duh)—>Said image calls Jeffree Starr to mind, for some reason, causing me to search Jeffree Starr and find the purging image—>Starr’s pink puke drives me to look for and post the Gaga in goo picture shot by Nick Knight.


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Lady Gaga for Daily News Norway. I agree 100% with this post on the video:

This response would be so perfect is she didn’t add the “I’m not a feminist, I love men.”

Feminism =/= man hating. :(